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Navid Divana is an Amsterdam-based explorer of philosophy, science & meditation. He works as an eclectic DJ & is trained in neuroscience. Join him & his guests on a journey through inspiration, spirituality, rationality & art.

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Latest episodes

#4 — Aileen Kennedy: Breathwork, Trauma, Mindful Birthing, Medical Science & Spirituality

Aileen Kennedy is a holistic psychologist & doula, specialised in trauma & mindfulness based childbirth & parenting. She is also a breath workshop instructor specialised in Psychedelic Breath. We dive into mindful birthing, psychological trauma, the science & practice of breathwork, pros/cons of western medicine & other topics. Check out her site:

#3 — Dr. Stephan Schleim: Yoga, It's Aspects, History, Benefits & Relationship to Modern Psychology

Dr. Stephan Schleim is an associate professor of Theoretical Psychology at the University of Groningen, a certified yoga teacher and author of different books on philosophy, psychology, and the neurosciences. In the conversation, we connect his in-depth knowledge of modern psychology with the many aspects of yoga (and, of course, go beyond that). Check out his site

#2 — Thomas Meijer: Philosophy "vs." Science, Forms of Language, Free Will, God, Ethics, Consciousness

Thomas "Inphiknight" Meijer is an Amsterdam-based philosopher, DJ & poet. We dive deep into the fundaments of philosophy, science, language, free will, good & bad, consciousness, god, politics & what not! Check out

#1 — Dr. Ruben Laukkonen: Studying Meditation with A.I., Conceptless Mind, Subjective Measurements

Dr. Ruben Laukkonen is a cognitive neuroscientist, contemplative, writer & speaker. He is a postdoctoral fellow at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and lecturer at Amsterdam University College. One of his research topics is studying the meditating brain with artificial intelligence. We also cover other topics like the breakdown of concepts in the mind, consciousness without content, subjective experience as a tool of measurement, the possible dangers of meditation & lessons learned along the contemplative path. For more info check out